Fully Alive

From Merely Surviving to Thriving

(Same conference, different dates and locations. New dates/events updated regularly.)


April 5th-6th, Calvary Christian Church, Lincoln, Women’s Getaway (Find out more and register HERE.)

April 26th-28th, Wildewood Church (off-site location: Camp Solaris in Firth, NE; Find out more and register HERE)

Becoming His Princess: Finding Our Identity and Confidence in Christ and Learning to Rest in Grace

Jennifer will be presenting and filming Wholly Loved’s 7-week Bible study on the life of Sarah from the Old Testament Scriptures. Contact her HERE to learn more, to attend, to host your own Wholly Loved Bible study, or to learn about other upcoming Bible study options held at other Omaha area churches.

Cover for Becoming His Princess Bible study

Christ Community Church

Find out more and register HERE.

Starting March 5th

Tuesday am, 9:15-11:00am

Tuesday pm, 6:30-8:00pm


Other Wholly Loved Events or Appearances:

God’s Girl: Labeled by His Love

Presented by Kristi Woods

Imagine if we let God’s love define us, not the labels of man.

Unfortunately, our insecurities often rage louder than God’s gentle voice. No matter how much makeup or hairspray we wear, however, our value stands strongest in the love of Jesus Christ.

We display beautifully the handiwork of God Almighty. Our Father made us in a fearful and wonderful fashion. (Psalm 139:14) We are labeled by His love.

In this session, Kristi Woods encourages women to view themselves as God’s creation–not a product of their own power and making. It challenges them to allow God’s love to define them as they stand awe of their Creator. Call it the beginning of a journey of loving and trusting God, allowing His love to lead them daily.