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Conferences provide powerful opportunities for ministry leaders and attendees alike. At a conference you are removed from your daily routine and life’s distractions. This provides a concentrated dose of uninterrupted learning and a chance for deeper connections to the material presented. Conferences allow the opportunity to continue building a healthy community, while connecting and reaching out to those around you.

Wholly Loved currently offers two conferences: Living Wholly Loved and Bold and Brave. Both point women back to their Creator and Savior, but each has a different emphasis. Explore what Conference, outlined below, is right for you.

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Wholly Loved

Because when we encounter the great I Am, our “I am” is changed.

woman gazing at the sunrisePurpose: To help women embrace and live out who they are in Christ.

We all have an inner lie—something we believe about ourselves that is utterly false but impacts everything else: how we view ourselves, how we perceive others, and how we react to different situations. In our social media-driven world, we see the filtered highlights of everyone else’s life, and it’s easy to think we’ve fallen short of what a woman should be. To believe we don’t fit. That somehow we’re not doing all that we should or could be. That we’re not enough.

But our value is not based on cultural standards or popular opinions. Our value is based on God’s Word, and in it He tells us we’re cherished, pursued, and deeply loved. When we realize that, everything changes and we are freed to be who God created us to be.

  • I am unlovable becomes I am loved.
  • I am shameful becomes I am redeemed.
  • I am insignificant becomes I have purpose.
  • I am worthless becomes I am a representative of the King

This event focuses on three main truths:

I Am loved

Somewhere between birth and the present, many of us women have come to believe the lie that we are what we do, who we raise, and how we keep our home. While our accomplishments are honorable, they do not define us. We are defined by who Christ says we are, and He says we are loved. He loves us, He pursues us, and He alone can heal and fulfill us.

Keynote Jennifer Slattery speaks from experience. For decades, she felt unlovable in her core. This core belief was re-enforced then strengthened when she spiraled into homelessness in her teen years, and soon dirty, worthless, stupid, and failure were added to it.

When God brought her off the streets, though redeemed, she carried all that emotional gunk with her and began seeking out external ways to fill the deep emptiness she carried inside. She based her worth on what she could do, until God brought her to a place where all she could do was listen. And heal. In this thirty-minute presentation, Jennifer discusses the life of Abraham’s Sarah, a woman betrayed and abandoned by man but pursued by God, while sharing personal anecdotes to highlight key truths.

I Have Purpose

We were each created by a sovereign, all-knowing, attentive God, and for a purpose—that of bringing His love, grace, mercy, and truth to a hurting world. Ephesians 2:10 tells us we’re created anew in Christ Jesus, to do good works which God planned long ago. Long before we were even born. (Psalm 139:16). God didn’t redeem us so we could be pew warmers, and we’ll never truly be fulfilled until we’re living out His plans for us.

With a fresh look at God’s purpose for us from the time of creation and how we can live that out, women are reminded of where their value lies and are encouraged to find their fulfillment in Christ alone.

I Am Unique

In our Pinterest, Facebook sharing world, it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others. If only we were more outgoing like so-n- so. If only we parented like our neighbor. If only we didn’t laugh so loud, or laughed more, or told more jokes, or maybe learned to keep our big mouths shut. And yet, what if those things we try most to conform are the very things that God wants to use for His kingdom? What if we quit the comparison game and instead surrendered our whole selves, quirks and all, to Christ? Using personal stories from her childhood and the life of Paul, Jennifer helps women embrace their uniqueness and surrender it to Christ to be used for His glory.

Discussion Sessions

Three optional discussion sessions are offered that allow women to dialogue on each keynote presented. Attendees will discuss how the topics raised in the keynotes pertain to their lives, what Scripture has to say about the issue, and how they can apply the truth principle to their lives.

Contact us to find out more or schedule your own Wholly Loved event.

Bold and Brave

Throwing off the shackles of fear to live in freedom

woman passenger leaning out car windowPurpose: To help women break free from fear to live in freedom and embrace gloriously, divinely orchestrated risks for Christ.

Throughout Scripture, God issues the command: Do not fear. In Christ, we’ve been given everything we need to live with boldness and bravery, and to leave an eternal impact. We can move from fear to faith and from lives characterized by isolation and hiding to those that set the world on fire for Christ.

This event focuses on:

Free from Fear—Taking Steps Toward Freedom

God commands His children not to throughout Scripture, and He’s given us the power and tools to live this out. When we lean on Him, trust in His promises and love, and allow His truth to permeate our being, our fears grow smaller and our courage stronger.

Speaker Chaka Heinze is accustomed to fear. She knows victory over this debilitating emotion, and she knows what it feels like to be nearly defeated. As a mother of a ten-year-old with a life-threatening heart condition, she’s spent countless nights crying out to God in terror, begging Him to keep her son alive for one more day. She’s also stood in victory and courage as the immovable prayer warrior and ever-present mother, strengthened by God’s grace and grace alone. Through it all, she’s learned the secrets to living bold and brave in Christ.

Free to Trust—Learning to Rely on the One Whose Opinion Matters Most

If God hadn’t intervened, author, speaker, and ministry leader Jennifer Slattery would’ve spent her life hidden in her office behind her nice, safe computer. A recovering people pleaser, she allowed the sting of a past rejection to hold her in bondage and keep her in isolation. This overriding fear of rejection coupled with a shameful past caused her to fight against God and nearly kept her from living out her calling. It took God forcing her through a series of very uncomfortable experiences for her to learn to rest in her God-given identity. This and this alone freed her from her pervasive fear of rejection and enabled her to live in freedom God has granted.

In this thirty-minute presentation, Jennifer shares transparently from her own life and struggles and takes an in-depth look at two women from Scripture, Leah the wife of Jacob and Mary the mother of Jesus, who experienced rejection and how this influenced their actions and reactions. In this poignant presentation, Jennifer inspires and equips women to relinquish the control they’ve allowed others to have over their emotions, actions, and reactions so that they can live bold and brave.

Free to Thrive—Grabbing hold of the abundant life by saying yes to God

If we want to follow after Christ and embrace the abundant, full and fulfilling life He promised, we’ll need to learn to embrace risk. This faith-journey God has called us on is fueled by choosing to trust, even when the road ahead is shrouded in fog or it feels like God’s led us on a never-ending round-about. The bold and brave Christian life is marked by surrender and deep reliance on the One who calls us to keep walking as we press into God and deepen our trust in Him.

Trust is often grown most in times of chaos, when, after a terrifying free fall, we find we’ve landed securely in God’s hand. In this honest discussion on what it means to overcome fear in order to embrace risk, Chaka shares personal times of fear and faith and how God saw her through, along with a fresh look at the parable of the talents, how this story applies to us today, and how our actions reveal our level of trust in Christ. Her talk is a compelling reminder that life is ours in increasing abundance when, despite the risks, we choose to say yes to God, surrendering our life, fears, expectations, and plans into His loving, faithful hands. Our surrender to Christ empowers us to live bold and brave.

Discussion Sessions:

In each 30-45 minute discussion sessions, women are divided into small groups of eight or less to discuss each of the keynotes, what they felt God was saying to them through it, and ways in which they can overcome their fears, rest deeper in their Christ-given identity, and learn to embrace risks. The discussions are designed to help women process and apply the truths presented while building Christ-centered community.